Items Wanted And General Contact Page.

The R.G.D. Museum collection is home to arguably the best collection of products from that illustrious manufacturer. The museum is still keen to enhance the collection through acquisitions nonetheless.

Anything is considered, even if it appears that the collection already possesses an example. One or two of the items in the collection are in poorer condition than the photos might suggest, or have significant elements missing (eg autochangers, chassis’s etc). In addition, some component parts are common across several models so can be of use in the preservation of other equipment. Even if your item is in poor condition it could still be a good source of spare parts for another example.

As well as complete receivers and hardware etc, handbooks, advertising, service data, magazine cuttings are also sought, along with other associated accessories – especially remote control devices for some of the pre WWII models.

If you have any items for disposal or sale, please make contact via the following email address. 

Graphic of email address for contacting the RGD Museum Website

Please type "RGD" somewhere in the email subject line so it is easier to differentiate from junk email.

Please note that the R.G.D. Museum cannot accommodate any items made after R.G.D. was taken over in 1952 (– products manufactured after 1952 include anything made in Romford).

Image of a view of an R.G.D Museum display area

Shown above is an un-retouched image of a display area of pre-WWII radiograms. From left to right is 1939 model 1015, 1939 model 356, 1937 model 878, 1937 model 643.